About us

Any commercial, TV movie, image spot or viral is only as good as the people working behind the scenes. For everyone involved in a production, the conditions surrounding the process are what make the difference between good and excellent. You bring in people to make that difference. Finding the right creative people, looking after their needs on the assignment so they can offer their creative best requires a particular kind of care. Talk to us. Knowing how this is done is the special quality of Indie Artists Agency, working behind the scenes. We support people in the creative world, clients and artists. Our understanding of detail, our eye for quality, sense of human chemistry, individual needs and tastes, as well as concern for vital logistics, will make the difference in your production. We thrive on seeing which talents will connect best with which projects. We launched Indie Artists Agency in 2015 in order to build an eclectic team of uniquely skilled people in all areas of international filmmaking. We are a filmmakers’ agency, focused on finding innovative and fulfilling solutions, on probing the media landscape for new and exciting directors and DoPs, on connecting our artists with advertising agencies and production companies.
It’s a human thing.

Insa Leis, owner of Indie Artists Agency.
With over twenty years experience in the commercial sector as an executive producer and company founder with hundreds of commercials and spots to her name, Insa knows the importance of behind-the-scenes support and attention to detail within the creative process. She brings passionate enthusiasm to building long-term careers for filmmaking artists. Her interest in the people up front who make films is the resource she invests in ensuring the smooth, professional operation of any project with clients and artists.